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2019 Electric Power Target Demand

In accordance with Paragraph 2 of Article 15-3 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Electric Power Industry”, the system operator, noе later than October, 1st of the year preceding the settlement one, develops the target demand for electric power for the upcoming and subsequent calendar years based on forecast applications of the wholesale market entities taking into account the required amount of the reserve of electric power and the average annual electric power consumption to compensate the technological losses, own and economic needs.

Energy-supplying, energy-transmitting organizations and consumers, which are the subjects of the wholesale market, form forecast applications for consumption, which indicate the maximum values ​​of electric power consumption for each month of the upcoming and subsequent calendar years, not covered by the electric power available in their composition by right of ownership, lease or other property law of generating sources, and send them to the system operator not later than the August, 1st of the year preceding the settlement year.

In order to launch the electric power market, the System Operator has developed electric power target demand for 2019-2020.